All Change

It seems that the question of energy is on everyone’s lips this week. Even Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio used his acceptance speech to talk about climate change!

Although it perhaps it hasn’t grabbed as many headlines, there has been a significant change by energy lobbyist group Energy UK this week. The group, who represents the Big 6 (British Gas, EDF, SSE, Scottish Power, Npower, Eon) amongst others, has done a complete u-turn on their policy for green energy and will now be supporting low-carbon providers and lobbying the government on their behalf. They have already been publicly critical of the cut in of tariffs for solar and wind energy that were introduced in January 2016.Perhaps this will help maintain, if not increase, the tariffs over the coming year.

I have also watched, with interest, the debate the “Brexit” has caused within the renewable industry. It seems there is an argument that leaving the EU will have a detrimental impact on renewable energy, with the belief that as most renewable energy policies having begun life in the European parliament they will no longer be a priority.However, no matter what the result in June, with such a significant change in policy for Energy UK it seems that the UK government may not have a choice but to listen to the growing voices of the renewable energy sector.

2016 is set to be another exciting year of growth for EcoLogicLiving as it expands its product range and moves into the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) sector. Renewable Energy Installations have grown 20% nationally (Office for National Statistics), each year, over the last 2 years. Not even the government can argue with that kind of growth! Hopefully, within all of this, our customers will see the benefit.

Now, more than ever, is an interesting time in renewable energy in Cumbria and our service area, which includes Scotland, who are striding ahead in the usage of renewable energy. On a more personal note, EcoLogicLiving recently secured a partnership with British Gas to fit 50 KWe Froling CHP boilers. This is a great coup and a real testament to our business. We will also be installing our first Holz Energie 125 KWe CHP boiler, which will also be the first in the country. There is also a small matter of an award nomination for innovation, for the Red Ribbon awards, which we are looking forward to attending in July.  All change, but good change.

Islam Pearson, Managing Director, EcoLogicLiving.


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